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We have a very special offer to our League Presidents. Bring your league of 20 or more players to Concord Crest for 17 weeks and you will receive a season pass. Our dedicated staff will help you to set up and get your league up and running. Bring your league to Concord Crest where play is always friendly and fun!

We also have leagues that are looking for new players – contact the clubhouse for more information.

The following lists our league availability: Open to all skill levels. Contact the clubhouse for name and phone numbers of league contacts.

Monday Leagues

CHILL Ladies League at 10:30, helps to have partner
Contact Cheryl Hill 716-432-5692

Juziak League at 3:30, helps to have partner
Contact Ken Juziak 716-541-7595

Buffalo Ladies League at 4:30, helps to have partner
Contact Vincenne Lucci 716-913-2692

O’Sullivan League at 5:30
Contact Dan O’Sullivan 716-598-4505

Tuesday Leagues

Christian League at 5:00, helps to have partner
Contact Scott Benkelman 716-913-7738

Swingers League at 5:00
Contact Jen Norris 716-423-6001

Thursday Leagues

Men’s League at 5:00
Contact Bubba Feidt 716-244-0913

Ladies League at 4:00
Contact Patti Sachse 716-348-7706